Our History

10 years of organic growth.

Consumer engagement is built around passions; engaging with consumers through a relevant platform to deliver a meaningful message. But as marketers you already know that. What makes us tick as an agency is that same passion. Campus Intercept was born from the sole passion to deliver win-win programs to students on campus. We wanted to go beyond the traditional agency approach and deliver programs that genuinely bettered student life.


The company originally launched with Campus Life Magazine , a for-students-by-students publication. In addition to unprecedented journalism opportunities for youth, the pub offered students from campuses across the country with a print and online outlet to communicate with their peers on a national scale.


As the Campus Life property evolved, reaching a circulation of 100,000 copies across Canada, we expanded to live programming. We began with what we termed the CASE model, built on the premise that to be successful on campus, a program must make its’ CASE. That is, design a program that is not only about the brand but authentically and contextually gives back to students too. Rather than straight product showcasing, think demoing a new auto model while giving students a lift to class or back to their dorm. Or distributing branded reusable water canisters, but only in exchange for cleaning up on campus by depositing a discarded plastic water bottle. In addition to incorporating the broader consumer passion pillars (music, fashion, gaming, sport and lifestyle), we deliver fully-endorsed award-winning programs that incorporate a tie-back to what students are uniquely passionate about: Charity, Academics, Student Life and the Environment.


And it doesn’t stop there. We have evolved since our early publishing days, driven by client demand to continue pushing the envelope, sourcing unique access points and increasingly engaging and innovative means to facilitate conversations between brands and Gen Z students. Our services expanded to include live activation with in-house staffing capabilities, templated sampling channels, sponsorship sourcing and negotiation, social and online marketing outlets, market research and privately commissioned brand studies, and a rich assortment of media opportunities.


Relationships are at the core of our business. Call a spade a spade. The campus landscape is laden with political red tape, and students are often politically charged. This can be recipe for disaster when a brand or its agency lacks the insight or expertise to navigate the space, resulting in program metrics that show your marketing dollars were spent not only failing to move the needle, but downright crashing your brand perception among this elusive and highly opinionated demographic.


Focused on organic growth, sourcing the right partners and building a network to effectively engage the target, Campus Intercept is proud to offer clients exclusive access to premium on-campus marketing channels across the United States and Canada to reach and engage Gen Z students.